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A Message from D.W. Rutledge
Executive Director - Texas High School Coaches Association & Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation

For years now, it seems like our nation has been falling apart at the seams. Amidst the most brutal economic times we have seen in years, we are seeing our federal and state government cut, slash and even zero out key educational programs for our youth in times when they need them most. Added to that, is the fact that this year more than 16,000,000 American children will be raised in fatherless homes. Sadly, the foundational values this country was built on are not being taught in our schools, and in many cases, not in our homes. We cannot, as Edmund Burke said, “do nothing”.

I believe that interscholastic sports are a crucial part of the educational process; a conviction I am sure you share. Yet, we now find we are in danger of losing our athletic programs in Texas as we know them today. The only way for us to counter the negative scrutiny athletics receives is by upholding the many good qualities of athletics.

The most important things our athletic programs offer come through using the platform of sports to teach winning attitudes, values and character traits. Yet, we know that sports do not build character, coaches with character do. We also know that process doesn’t just happen; it must be approached intentionally. Coaches with strong character and leadership skills have a tremendous impact on our communities, and on the individual lives of our young people. Coaches have the power to take young people who are emotionally crippled by their shortcomings and deficiencies, and help them discover the power within themselves to overcome and achieve. This is far more important than any touchdown they’ll ever score, shot they’ll ever make, or race they’ll ever run.

As you may know, we launched the Coaches Education Foundation on February 28, 2008 in support of you, and our mission of “Helping coaches to help kids”. As I think about where we should focus our attention for the largest impact, it has become evident that it comes down to doing more to equip coaches. For this reason, 2012 is about stepping up, raising the bar, and setting a new standard.

The vision for us to host a Coaches Leadership Summit began years ago. We have spent considerable time and effort in trying to establish the right game plan for influence, not to mention identifying the right people to involve. We plan to invite our membership of over 21,000 coaches and athletic directors to join us at the first annual GameChangers Coaches Leadership Summit, provided by the Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation; being held in Dallas on February 18th, 2013.

We are embarking on the most comprehensive, innovative and progressive cultural transformation initiatives for student athletes, coaches and schools that Texas has ever seen.

Please Register Now for the event on February 18th, 2013. It will be the start of something great.

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