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Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation

The mission of the Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation is to develop funds from a broad range of donors including friends, businesses, corporations, foundations and trusts to provide professional education programs that will strengthen, reinforce and enhance professionalism in high school coaches throughout the state of Texas. These funds will also be used to enhance the Permanent Injury Program, Memorial Benefit Program and Benevolence Fund.

The Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation is committed to helping coaches be the best they can be for the benefit of our student athletes. Our comprehensive continuing educations program strengthens, reinforces and enhances the professionalism of coaches in Texas at both the high school and middle school levels. This program will directly affect the lives of over 1.5 million student athletes each year.

The payback will be measured in the hundreds of thousands of young student athletes who, because of their participation in high school athletics, will experience daily victories discovering within themselves the ability to overcome adversity, to develop leadership skills, to develop winning attitudes, to be hard workers, to be a part of a team which requires sacrifice and service to others while developing into responsible and productive citizens, leaders in business, academics, government and the military. - Visit the site

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